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Wavefun Flex U Dual Dynamic Speaker Wireless Neckband Earphone Hot

৳ 1350 ৳ 700

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Wavefun Flex Pro Hot

৳ 1450 ৳ 1450

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Wavefun Flex Pro

Price: 1450 BDT

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Wavefun-flex-pro-1 Wavefun-flex-pro-2 Wavefun-flex-pro-3 Wavefun-flex-pro-4

Jabra Elite 25E Wireless in Ear Bluetooth Headphone with Mic

Price: 4500 BDT

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Jabra-Elite-25E-Bluetooth-Headphone-1 Jabra-Elite-25E-Bluetooth-Headphone-2 Jabra-Elite-25E-Bluetooth-Headphone-3 Jabra-Elite-25E-Bluetooth-Headphone-4

Jabra Evolve 65MS DUO Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Price: 15500 BDT

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Jabra-Evolve-65MS-DUO-Bluetooth-Headset-1 Jabra-Evolve-65MS-DUO-Bluetooth-Headset-2 Jabra-Evolve-65MS-DUO-Bluetooth-Headset-3 Jabra-Evolve-65MS-DUO-Bluetooth-Headset-4

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Buy Wireless Headphones Online

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled devices that provide several audio functions without having to deal with the difficulty of wires are known as wireless headphones. A wireless earphone set uses wireless technology to transmit sound from various sound-output devices such as tabs, smartphones, laptops, etc. As in this modern tech era, audio devices and phones became more compact, audio equipment companies started making serious headway with wireless earphones. The use of Bluetooth to connect devices wirelessly became a worldwide standard with the technology used in most of the wireless earphones.

Bluetooth headphones can be functional from a distance of up to ten meters from the phone and are compatible with all android phones, iOS (iPhones), and Windows devices. The plug-in ear type features a no-falling fit and cancel out external noise. Bluetooth headphones also come with a charging option with a display feature that shows the battery levels. Wireless earphones have excellent connectivity and are power efficient as they consume less battery. Being compact and small in size, wireless headphones can conveniently fit into any space and be carried during your walking, running, working out, and travels. Bluetooth earphones are normally provided with a charging cable, extra earmuffs, and a mic. The headphone has controls like call pick-up and call rejection, volume adjustment, play or pause option and forward or previous song setting. Wireless headphones are available in various designs like behind-the-neck or neckband, earwings, ear clips, foldable type, flatwire, non-foldable type, and more.

What Are Wireless Headphones Good At?

Portability: The lack of annoying dangling wires is by far the greatest advantage. Leaving your phone on a desk and walking around freely is liberating. They are a viable option for traveling, commuting, and exercising.

Comfort: Wireless headphones are comfortable and usually well-padded. High-quality headphones with premium materials feel particularly luxurious.

Durability: The lack of cables means fewer potential weak points. Many wireless headphones have different level IPX water protection.

Noise isolation: Wireless headphones offer the best isolation from the outside world. If you pick foam tips or multi-flanged silicone ones, the passive isolation gets even better.

Active noise cancellation (ANC): Most wireless earphones come with Active noise cancellation (ANC) technology that noticeably reduce in background noises.

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