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Wired Headphones

TIN Audio T2 Plus

৳ 3450

Sold: 147 Pcs


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KZ ZSE Professional Stereo HiFi Music Earphones Hot

৳ 790 ৳ 550

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TFZ BALANCE 1 In-Ear Earphone

Price: 1780 BDT

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TFZ-BALANCE-1-Earphone-1 TFZ-BALANCE-1-Earphone-2 TFZ-BALANCE-1-Earphone-3 TFZ-BALANCE-1-Earphone-4

TFZ T1SM SuperBass In-Ear Earphone

Price: 1780 BDT

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TFZ-T1SM-SuperBass-Earphone-1 TFZ-T1SM-SuperBass-Earphone-2 TFZ-T1SM-SuperBass-Earphone-3 TFZ-T1SM-SuperBass-Earphone-4

Tin Audio T1 Plus Dynamic Driver Earphone

Price: 1305 BDT

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Tin-Audio-T1-Plus-Earphone-1 Tin-Audio-T1-Plus-Earphone-2 Tin-Audio-T1-Plus-Earphone-3 Tin-Audio-T1-Plus-Earphone-4

TIN Audio T2 Plus

Price: 3450 BDT

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TIN-Audio-T2-Plus-1 TIN-Audio-T2-Plus-2 TIN-Audio-T2-Plus-3 TIN-Audio-T2-Plus-4

BLON T3 11mm Diaphragm Composite Driver HiFi Earphones

Price: 1180 BDT

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BLON-T3-HiFi-Earphones-1 BLON-T3-HiFi-Earphones-2 BLON-T3-HiFi-Earphones-3 BLON-T3-HiFi-Earphones-4

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Buy Best Wired Headphone Online

A wired headphone is headphone attached to a microphone and connected to either a mobile phone or a computer using a wire connection. Wired headphones make use of headphone jacks and plugs to transmit sound from the device to the headphones. Some of the most common types of headphone plugs include 3.5mm, TRS, TRRS, TRRRS, and USB. A wired headphone allows you to both listen and speak using only one piece of equipment. In some instances, the headphones and microphone attach to the electronic device using a single connection, while some wired headphones must use separate wires for the two components.

Require headphones that are always read-to-use? Select wired headphones that do not run on batteries and are always prepared to use. Wired headphones can give a better output than some wireless headsets, as the former uses analogue signals that goes through easy and faster processing. You can choose sweat and water-resistant wired headphones that are wonderful to use while working out or jogging. Pick wired options with in-line controls and a microphone to receive calls conveniently and talk without the inconvenience of holding your phone. Find wired headphones with different ear tips and select the one that will fit your ears perfectly.

Why Choose Wired Headphones?

choosing the right headphones can be a challenge. A recent study showed that wired headphones had 83% unit sales while wireless headphones only had 17%. There are many reasons why people prefer best wired headphones over others. Below are some of them-

It’s Trendy

The “Vintage” trend is back! Bluetooth earbuds and wireless headphones were the hot trend for a while due to how new and modern and unique they were but eventually they became something that everybody had, which led to people, particularly teens, not wanting to appear “basic.” There is nothing more common than the wish to be remarkable. So, perhaps inevitably, contrarian trendsetters are reviving some ancient technology: corded headphones.

Better Sound Quality

Nothing can beat the audio quality of wired headphones. To provide great sound quality, wired headphones use analog signals. This can handle more data than wireless signals. This means that your audio won’t have to go through so much processing to reach you. Thus, they can skip audio compression and deliver it in its full resolution in a faster way.

Costs Less and Easy to Repair

Wired headphones cost relatively less than wireless ones. This is because wireless technology is more expensive to develop and manufacture. Also, wired headphones are easier to repair. Be it frayed headphone wires or damaged/shorted wires there’s an easy fix for that. Plus, replacement parts for wired headphones are also affordable and more readily available.

Last Longer

wired headphones tend to be more durable than wireless ones because they have fewer components inside their body that can break after a potential fall. This reduces their chances of taking substantial damage and makes them able to handle more abuse than their wireless counterparts. In fact, some high-end wired headphones are so well-made, they can last you a lifetime.

Unlimited Playtime

Having another device to charge periodically is a big inconvenience in this modern day and age, where almost every product comes with a battery. Most standard wired headphones contain passive speakers that produce line-level audio signals. These headphones usually don’t need an external power source. The audio signals themselves produce enough power to operate the headphones. Thus, there’s no need for chargers nor batteries.

Easy to use

Wired headphones have a plug-and-play setup. Simply plug it into your audio device and it can play your audio right away. With them, you don’t run the risk of any unwelcome wireless interferences and pairing issues. Considering these factors, they’re undeniably more user-friendly than wireless ones.

They Are Less Likely to Be Lost

The risk of getting your wired headphones stolen or lost is much less than tiny and easy to misplace which ones which are miniscule little pieces that could easily fall out of your ear while sleeping on a plane, or sweating during intense exercise or travelling.

A Better Investment

Wired headphones are a greater investment because not only are they cheaper, but they have better sound quality, are less likely to be lost or stolen, don’t require charging, and, of course, you can keep up with the latest trend of bringing “vintage” back.

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Whether you are listening to music, watching movies, or playing multiplayer games, a pair of high-performance wired headphones can provide an engrossing aural experience. This can help you tune out of the world, block the background noise, and immerse yourself in your favorite audio. Wired headphone’s seamless connectivity and excellent performance also ideal for calling. They help improve the sound quality on both sides of the connection, making them apt for online classes, work meetings, or voice or video calls to loved ones. These headphones come in a variety of designs, allowing you to pick the one that suits your style. Featuring high-grade design and sophisticated technologies, most headphones provide exceptional audio quality with deep, rich bass. So, if you're looking for a set of new headphones, you can browse our enormous selection of high quality and original wired headphones in different colors and brands from current or upcoming global brands like beats, jbl, Jabra, bose, sony, Sennheiser, logitech, kz, uiisii, mi, wavefun, tfz, moonfrop, atttear, qkz, lenevo, headroom, joyroom, realme, tubbrom and more.

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