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What are Smart Watches?

Smartwatch is small smartphone like stylish portable device that's designed to be worn on a wrist. Most smartwatches are wirelessly connected to a smartphone via smartwatch app that notifies the user of incoming calls, e-mail messages, and notifications from applications. Some smartwatches can even make phone calls. Smartwatches come with various operating systems like IOS, Android and more.

What Do Smartwatches Do?

Most smartwatches—whether they're intended for daily use (as with the Apple Watch) or for specific purposes (as with the Garmin Fenix)—offer a suite of standard features like:

Notifications: Smartphones display notifications to alert you of important events or activities. The types of notifications differ; devices connected to a smartphone may simply mirror the phone's notifications on your wrist, but other smartwatches display notifications that only a wearable could provide.

Apps: Beyond displaying notifications from your phone, a smartwatch is only as good as the apps it supports. App ecosystems vary, and they're tied to either Apple's or Google's environments. Smartwatches with a dedicated purpose, such as hiking or diving, generally support the apps they need to accomplish that purpose without the opportunity to add other kinds of apps.

Answer messages by voice: Modern smartwatches running either the watchOS or Wear operating systems support voice dictation to respond to notifications.

Media management: Most smartwatches paired with smartphones can manage media playback for you. For example, when you're listening to music on an iPhone using Apple's AirPods, you can use your Apple Watch to change volume and tracks.

Fitness tracking: Many smartwatches include a heart rate monitor, a pedometer and more to help track your workouts or other physical movements and changes.

GPS: Most smartwatches include a GPS for tracking your location or receiving location-specific alerts.

Good battery life: Modern smartwatches feature batteries that get you through the day, with normal use, with a bit of juice still left to go. Battery use varies; the Apple Watch typically gets 18 hours of normal use on a single charge, while some other smartwatches get two or three days.

Types of Smartwatches:

Smartwatches occupy two variants in the wearables market. First, a general-purpose smartwatch—like the Apple Watch and most Google-powered Wear devices—blend form and function. They're designed to replace mechanical wristwatches and are heavily smartphone dependent. Think of them as a support device for your phone that you happen to keep on your wrist. Available vendor-specific classes of general-purpose smartwatches are:

Apple Watch: Designed and sold by Apple. Examples: Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE,, Apple Watch Nike, and more.

Wear Watches: Designed and sold by many vendors, using Google's Wear operating system like Google Pixel Watch, Fossil Gen 5, 6 & Hybrid series, Mobvoi, and more.

Tizen Watches: Proprietary operating system designed by Samsung for its popular Galaxy line of smartwatches like Galaxy Watch5, Watch5, Watch5 Pro, Watch5 Golf Edition, Galaxy Watch4, Watch4 Classic and other series and editions.

The other variant includes specialty devices intended for specific-use cases. These smart watches often offer a more robust version of a fitness tracker, insofar as they bleed between a phone-dependent smartwatch and a stand-alone fitness tracker.

Examples of these specialized devices include:

Hiking watches: Intended for remote travel and featuring solid battery life, GPS tracking and navigation, basic vitals, and weather forecasting. Often engineered for advanced durability to protect against bumps, drops, dust, and water. Examples include the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, the Suunto 9 Baro,TomTom Adventurer, and more.

Diving watches: Connect your first-stage regulator to a Bluetooth transmitter to use a diving watch. Garmin's Descent Mk1 and Suunto's DX offer depth, time-remaining, temperature, and other important indicators.

Flying watches: A niche market, but Garmin's D2 Delta PX offers on-wrist pulse Ox, a logbook, a GPS-powered moving map, and NEXRAD weather.

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