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What is a Smart band?

Technology is so much more advanced in this modern era. There are now all forms, types, sizes, shapes, and categories of technology gadgets and accessories. Smart band is one of the most popular in the world of wearable devices. A smart band is a band which is designed like a wristband but is integrated with technology that you can wear during sporting or daily activities. There are different names as an alternative to smart band, for example fitness (arm) band, fitness tracker, activity tracker, sport wearable or sports watch.

Why Smart Bands Are Used For?

Smart bands are mostly used for measuring various things that are the result of physical exertion, such as the number of steps taken, the heartbeat, the calorie consumption and the distance traveled. Main functions of a smart band are to track and analyze your movements during the activity or exercise, for example, a walk in the woods, cycling to the supermarket, swimming laps in the swimming pool or fitness in the gym.

Features of Smart Bands:


Smart bands come with in different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. Most smart bands have a weatherproof housing protection. This makes the smart band also resistant to sweat. Usually, smart band’s bracelet is made from silicone and provide a waterproof display with an aluminum or plastic watch case. Smart bands are available in all kinds of colors, so that the bracelet fits seamlessly with your sport outfit. Make sure you purchase the correct size for (S, M or L). Certain sports bracelets are only available in a universal size.


Every smart band can measure various things, although the measuring functions present depend on the product used. The simplest models have a pedometer and heart rate monitor board. If you want more information, consider a copy with a GPS chip. With this you keep track of the distance traveled and the current speed. Moreover, you can often read the route afterwards. Those who enjoy hiking in the mountains can consider a smart band with a barometric altimeter.


Most smart bands have a display so that the information displayed is clearly visible. On the display of a smart band various data along the way, such as the heart rate, the number of steps taken, and the calorie consumption are shown. Based on this, you can adjust the training intensity if you wish by, for example, switching on a gear or by taking it easy. Smart bands that do not have their own display show information within an app on a linked smartphone.


Most smart bands can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to a smartphone, so that you receive incoming notifications on the screen. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to take the smartphone out of your pocket. Certain sport wearables can also access the smartphone’s GPS chip via Bluetooth.


The operation of a smart band differs per product and brand. Models with a large display almost always have a touch screen, so that you can easily adjust the settings, for example. Cheaper activity trackers usually have buttons on the side to operate the device. Since these keys usually represent multiple functions, their operation takes some getting used to. For example, you use the buttons to set a stopwatch or alarm clock. During sports activities it is useful when you can control music from a paired smartphone.

Handy & Sporty

Smart bands are very handy, easily usable during sports & exercises, and allow you to set sporting goals. For example, indicate that you want to burn four hundred calories during a sports session or take ten thousand steps on a day. As soon as you reach this goal, you will receive a notification on the smart band as a reward. In short, a nice way to stimulate an active lifestyle.

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