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Digital Print Premium Mens Panjabi Hot

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Green Multi Shade Premium Mens Panjabi Indian Cotton Hot

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Obsidian Black Mens Premium Panjabi

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Snow White Mens Premium Panjabi

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Royal Maroon Mens Premium Panjabi

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Neutral White Mens Premium Panjabi

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Black Premium Mens Panjabi Silver Embroidery

Price: 850 BDT

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Buy premium quality Eid special, Boshakhi, Puja's occasional & casual new Kurta, Sherwani, Panjabi collection online at the best price in BD.

High Quality New Panjabi Collection in Bangladesh

Panjabi dress, also known as “Punjabi”, consists of a long and loose shirt that reaches below the knee. Panjabi dress is referred to traditional clothing worn by people from various religions and countries especially middle east and south east Asians. Panjabi is often paired with loose-fitting pants called ‘Pajama’. This outfit combo is commonly referred to as “Panjabi Pajama”. Depending on its origin and design, there are different type of Panjabi such as Sultani Panjabi, Kurta Panjabi, Tamba Panjabi, Chola Panjabi, Choga Panjabi, Sherwani and etc. The style and design of Punjabi dresses may vary depending on the occasion, region, and personal preference.

Available Types of Panjabi in Bangladesh

i) Straight Cut Panjabi: This is a classic style of kurta that has a straight cut, and is usually knee-length or longer. It is a versatile style that can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. ii) Angrakha Kurta: This is a style of kurta that has a V-shaped or overlapping front panel, and is usually worn with a churidar or dhoti. It is a popular choice for weddings and other formal occasions. iii) Pathani Kurta: This is a style of kurta that originated in the Afghan-Pakistani region, and is characterized by a loose, comfortable fit and a high collar. It is often worn with a salwar or churidar. iv) Indo-western kurta: This is a fusion of traditional Indian and Western styles, and is characterized by a modern, tailored fit and contemporary design elements. It is a popular choice for parties and other casual events. v) Sherwani: This is a long, formal coat-like kurta that is typically worn for weddings and other special occasions. It is often paired with a churidar and a dupatta.

Choosing Your Best Fit Panjabi

By considering the below factors, you can choose a Panjabi that best fits your needs and personal style:

i) Occasion: The occasion(such as Eid, wedding, Durga puja, etc.) for which you will be wearing the panjabi is an important consideration. If it's a formal event, a more traditional style may be appropriate, while for casual events, you may opt for a more relaxed style. ii) Fabric: The fabric of the Panjabi is another important factor. Cotton is a popular choice for casual wear, while silk or brocade is often chosen for more formal occasions. Consider the weather as well, as lighter fabrics are more comfortable in hot weather. iii) Design and embellishments: The design of the Panjabi and any embellishments such as embroidery or beadwork can add interest and style to your outfit. Consider the color, pattern, and any additional details before making your choice. iv) Size and fit: Make sure you choose a Panjabi that fits well and is comfortable to wear. Check the size chart carefully and consider the cut of the Panjabi – some styles are looser and more comfortable, while others are more fitted. v) Price: Kurta prices can vary widely depending on the fabric, design, and level of embellishment. Consider your budget before making your final decision. vi) Care instructions: Be sure to check the care instructions for the Panjabi before you buy it. Some fabrics may require special care, such as dry cleaning or hand washing.

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