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BBQ Charcoal Briquettes 3kg

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Portable BBQ Grill Machine 14 inches Charcoal Hot

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Portable Round Head Charcoal BBQ Grill Machine 22 inches Hot

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Portable BBQ Grill Machine 18 inches Charcoal

Price: 1150 BDT

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BBQ Charcoal Briquettes 3kg

Price: 899 BDT

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BBQ Combo Portable Grill Machine and Charcoal Briquettes

Price: 1850 BDT

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Portable Folding Long BBQ Barbecue Grill Machine 24 inches Charcoal

Price: 1600 BDT

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Portable Round Head Charcoal BBQ Grill Machine 17 inches

Price: 3999 BDT

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Portable-Round-Head-Charcoal-BBQ-Grill-Machine Portable-Round-Head-Charcoal-BBQ-Grill-Machine-2 Portable-Round-Head-Charcoal-BBQ-Grill-Machine-4

Buy portable bbq grill machine, charcoal briquettes, fish grill basket, electric bbq grill, and other bbq tools & accessories at the best price in Bangladesh.

What are BBQ Utensils or Accessories?

BBQ or barbecue, an indoor or outdoor meal, usually a form of social entertainment, at which meats, fish, or fowl, along with vegetables, are roasted over a wood or charcoal fire or electric heat on bbq grill machine. Barbecuing is popular throughout Bangladesh. Especially chicken is the favored meat. Other foods barbecued are lamb or kid, beef, sausages, seafood, and vegetable. In addition to being the oldest and most universally used cooking method, grilling is also one of this nation's most loved pastimes.

Like most things, grilling is a lot more enjoyable and the results more delicious, if you have a quality set of bbq utensils to get the job done. BBQ utensils are necessary tools that used in grilling beef, chicken, fish, vegetable or other bbq items. BBQ utensils consist of grill machine, charcoal, basting brush, food skewer, spatula, tongs, charcoal rake, grill gloves, grill brush, grill scraper, grill basket, fire stater, grill light and bbq accessories.


Types of BBQ Utensils:

Whether you are gathered with friends and family around an outdoor BBQ Party or dashing off a quick weeknight meal on an indoor grill, the right tools can greatly improve your barbecue experience. There are many variations of BBQ grilling tools and accessories available. When you buy best fit well-designed grilling tools, you will be well on your way to upping your bbq grilling game and further enjoying your time at the grill. Here are some examples of bbq utensils that you would need for best bbq experience:

Grilling Skewers: BBQ skewer is a grilling must-have, great for making kababs of all kinds. Not only are they a great deal, but grill skewers are also especially helpful to keep food from spinning as you flip the skewers.

Tongs For Grilling: Tongs are another grill-side necessity. BBQ grill tongs are specifically designed to be longer than their kitchen counterparts so that you can keep your hands out of the flames. Grill tongs are perfect for grabbing and turning smaller cuts of meat like steak, and more delicate or difficult-to-handle items, such as hotdogs, sausage, kababs, and asparagus.

Spatula: The spatula, also referred to as a turner, or flipper, is a classic utensil both in the kitchen and around the grill for a reason. It is a must have for flipping patties, pancakes, and fillets.

Grill: There are different heating and fuel sources that can be used while grilling. Each of these fuel sources have their own set of advantages. Here are some top types of grills -

·       Charcoal Grills: Charcoal BBQ grills are ideal for people who do not want to spend a lot of money on a grill, love the charcoal flavor and are cooking for small groups of people. Charcoal BBQ grills are portable, easy to use and create a smoky flavor that’s hard to beat. Charcoal grills are slower to heat up than gas or electric grills but can also get a lot hotter. With no temperature control knobs, grillers will need to arrange the coals to create indirect and direct heat cooking zones.

·       Gas Grills:  BBQ gas grills are ideal for people looking for more space on the grill grates, plus easy-to-use operation. Gas grills are your most common backyard grills. Gas grills start fast, heat up quickly, are easy to operate and require much less cleanup than other types of grills.

·       Electric Grills: Electric BBQ grills are ideal for anyone who lives in a condo where gas or charcoal grilling is not allowed, or who does not have a large outdoor space, or does not like messy ashes after grilling. If you never want to worry about the hassle of running out of propane or cleaning up an ashy charcoal mess, you can try an electric bbq grill. You simply need to plug it into an outlet and get cooking. On average, electric grills offer the smallest footprint.

·       Portable Grills: Portable BBQ grills are ideal for people who do more grilling outdoor than indoor. For anyone who loves to camp or grill on-the-go, portable grills can make cooking easy. Portable BBQ grills are designed to be foldable, sturdy and convenient, so you can set up your grill with you when you are tailgating, camping or on the beach.

·       Open Grill: The simplest of all grills is a open grill. BBQ open grill is a metal or stone box with the burning charcoal, wood, or propane at the bottom and the food positioned directly over the fire. The grill grate is optional.

·       Covered Grill: Add to an open grill a tall lid you can raise and lower and you get a covered grill. This may sound like a simple innovation, and yet the covered grill enables you to add two additional important methods of live-fire cooking to your repertory: indirect grilling and smoking. You will get the best BBQ flavor from barbequed meal from a covered grill.

BBQ Fuel: For a gas grill, you will need a canister of propane whereas a charcoal model requires charcoal briquettes or other form of coal. Charcoal briquettes provide you the best BBQ flavor.

Brush: A BBQ basting brush is essential for sauce application during the barbeque grilling process. It is easier to clean than a turkey baster (also known as a bulb baster or basting bulb), can handle a wider array of sauce types, and ensures even application and less mess. Some people prefer a sauce mop to a basting brush. Whether you use a basting brush, or a basting mop is more a matter of sauce-preference. Sauce mops are ideal for basting larger pieces of food and for thinner sauces, which it can absorb more easily than a basting brush. If using a thicker sauce, stick to a basting brush.

Charcoal Rake: The charcoal rake is pretty straightforward. You should use it for safely raking and arranging lit charcoal. Naturally, a charcoal rake is only needed if you have a charcoal grill.

Chimney Starter & Fire Starter: If you are a passionate charcoal griller, you will want to use a chimney starter or fire starter. These affordable gadgets let you start your grill without any lighter fluid—just some paper and your favorite charcoal. Give it a light, let it go to work and dispense the coals right into your grill. Fire starter would be great tools if you do not like the lighter fluid smell on barbequed meal.

Grilling Towels: Be prepared for an inevitable spill with a stack of basic dish towels. BBQ grilling towels are well-equipped to wipe up barbecue sauce, catch grease splatters, and these clever kitchen towel uses.

Grill Grates: BBQ grill grates stop shuffling your food around to avoid charring. Grill grates patented design eliminates flare ups so common to all gas grills. The raised rails amplify heat while aluminum conducts heat efficiently to eliminate those pesky hot and cold spots.

Grill Gloves: Sometimes an oven mitt or hot pad is too cumbersome for grilling tasks. That is where grill gloves come in handy. BBQ grill gloves withstand high heat so you can handle hot pans, tools, and foods from the grill.

Grill Basket: A grill or rotisserie basket comes in a few different styles, with different styles suited to different tasks. A traditional four-side basket (left) is perfect for cooking delicate items that may need extra support when being flipped, such as whole fish and kebabs. An open or pan-style basket (right), on the other hand, is well-suited to grilling up small items like french fries, chicken nuggets, fishes and vegetables.

Wooden Grill Scraper: Ditch the wire scrapers that get gunked up and try a wooden paddle scraper to clean your barbecue. If you use hardwood scrapers, they will conform perfectly to your grill’s specific grates.

Kabab Grilling Baskets: Never worry about your kababs falling apart ever again. Flip your favorite kabab recipes with ease by using this special kabab grill basket. No skewer is needed. Prepare delicious kababs without dropping or spilling a single ingredient by using these nonstick grilling baskets.

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