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Ajwa Dates VIP Premium Best Quality 1 kg

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Buy fresh Ajwa Dates Premium Best Quality 1 kg online at the best price & 100% money back guarantee in Bangladesh. 100% fresh and authentic Ajwa Dates.

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Ajwa Dates VIP Premium Best Quality From Saudi Dates 1 kg

Ajwa dates have a special place in the Arabic tradition. They are known to Muslims as the ‘holy dates’. ‘Holy date’, Ajwa dates hold a special place in Islamic tradition. Scientific research has acknowledged the significance of this fruit that provides high nutrition.

Ajwa Dates of Madina are very distinctive by their round form and red color that is almost black. Additionally, it is has a unique taste and considered to be the best kind of dates that are welcomed by pilgrims during pilgrimage time. This proves its high cost because of its high and unique quality. Ajwa madina dates are the best type of dates because of its many nutritional benefits; they contain a high rate of sugars and vitamins which make them healthy and beneficial. They also contain calcium and magnesium in addition to zenk that enhances immunity. Also, this kind of dates can be treating many diseases; that is why most nutritionists always recommend it for prevention from some diseases and to help the body grow normally and healthily. This kind is particularly considered one of the blessed types because of the place of its existence in farms of palm trees near the Haram Al Madani.

Ajwa Dates Premium Quality From Madinah - Extraordinary dates with their soft brown-black skin and mildly sweet flesh melt in the mouth with a delightful sugary taste, reminiscent of prunes.

General Information of Ajwa Dates VIP Premium Best Quality From Saudi Dates 1 kg:

·         Country of origin: Saudi Arabia

·         Brand/Company: Best Quality (Saudi Dates)

·         Weight: 1kg from 5kg Packet

·         Grade: VIP

·         Expiry: 10, 2024

·         Length of date: 2.5cm – 4cm approx

·         Weight of date: 4.5g to 7g approx

Typical Nutritional facts of Ajwa Dates Premium Quality Grade VIP From Madinah per 100 grams:

·         Calories: 120 kCal

·         Total Carbs: 30 g

·         Fiber: 3 g

·         Sugar: 22 g

·         Magnesium: 16 mg

·         Zinc: 0.2 mg

·         Protein: 1 g

·         Calcium: 10 mg

·         Iron : 0.5 mg

·         Phosphorus: 20 mg

·         Copper: 0.1 mg

·         Niacin: 1 mg

·         Vitamin B6: 0.1 mg

·         Fat    – 00

·         Potassium: 295 mg

Warranty & Support: 100% money back return facility.

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