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Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness Pasta Machine with Motor Hot

৳ 1490 ৳ 1490

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SONIFER Multifunctional Electric Cooker SF 1503 Hot

৳ 2450 ৳ 2450

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DSP Electric Kettle 1.7L

Price: 1450 BDT

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DSP-Electric-Kettle-1.7L-1 DSP-Electric-Kettle-1.7L-2 DSP-Electric-Kettle-1.7L-3 DSP-Electric-Kettle-1.7L-4

Sokany Deep Fryer 3L

Price: 4250 BDT

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Sokany-Deep-Fryer-3L-1 Sokany-Deep-Fryer-3L-2 Sokany-Deep-Fryer-3L-3 Sokany-Deep-Fryer-3L-4

SOKANY 0.9L Portable Electric Kettle

Price: 1250 BDT

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SOKANY-0.9L-Portable-Electric-Kettle-1 SOKANY-0.9L-Portable-Electric-Kettle-2 SOKANY-0.9L-Portable-Electric-Kettle-3 SOKANY-0.9L-Portable-Electric-Kettle-4

Sonifer Electric Kettle 0.6L SF 2058 600W

Price: 1180 BDT

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Sonifer_Electric_Kettle_0.6L_SF_2058_600W_1 Sonifer_Electric_Kettle_0.6L_SF_2058_600W_2 Sonifer_Electric_Kettle_0.6L_SF_2058_600W_3 Sonifer_Electric_Kettle_0.6L_SF_2058_600W_4 offers your desired genuine cookwares at the lowest price with money back guarantee, fast delivery method and EMI facility.