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Jaipan 850W Mixer Grinder

৳ 3802 ৳4800

Sold: 68 Pcs

Jaipan 750W Mixer Grinder

৳ 4300 ৳4800

Sold: 67 Pcs

Miyako Red Bull 750W Mixer Blender Hot

৳ 6000 ৳ 4250

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Havells Power Hunk 800W Mixer Grinder Hot

৳ 9000 ৳ 6500

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DSP Hand Mixer 250W Electric 6 Speeds Universal Food Processor

Price: 1650 BDT

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DSP-Hand-Mixer-250W-Food-Processor-1 DSP-Hand-Mixer-250W-Food-Processor-2 DSP-Hand-Mixer-250W-Food-Processor-3 DSP-Hand-Mixer-250W-Food-Processor-4

DSP Meat Grinder Machine 3 in 1 KM5034

Price: 5250 BDT

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DSP-Meat-Grinder-3in1-KM5034-1 DSP-Meat-Grinder-3in1-KM5034-2 DSP-Meat-Grinder-3in1-KM5034-3 DSP-Meat-Grinder-3in1-KM5034-4

DSP Stand Mixer 4L Mixing Bowl Beater

Price: 4450 BDT

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DSP-Stand-Mixer-4L-Beater-1 DSP-Stand-Mixer-4L-Beater-2 DSP-Stand-Mixer-4L-Beater-3 DSP-Stand-Mixer-4L-Beater-4

Sokany Stand Mixer 4L SC-209

Price: 7250 BDT

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Sokany-Stand-Mixer-4L-SC-209-1 Sokany-Stand-Mixer-4L-SC-209-2 Sokany-Stand-Mixer-4L-SC-209-3 Sokany-Stand-Mixer-4L-SC-209-4

Sonifer Meat Grinder SF 5003

Price: 5250 BDT

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Sonifer_Meat_Grinder_SF_5003_1 Sonifer_Meat_Grinder_SF_5003_2 Sonifer_Meat_Grinder_SF_5003_3 Sonifer_Meat_Grinder_SF_5003_4

Buy high quality measuring tools, peeler, chopper, blender, knife set, spoons, oven mitts and other kitchen accessories online at the best price in Bangladesh.

What are kitchen accessories?

Kitchen accessories are household tools used in kitchen to prepare ingredients, cook food, bake foods, or serve dishes. Kitchen accessories are found in kitchens and are considered a requirement for preparing and cooking foods. Common applications of kitchen accessories include cutting food items to size, heating food on an open fire or on a stove, baking, grinding, mixing, blending, and measuring; different accessories are made for each task.

What are different types of kitchen accessories?

Kitchen accessories can be categorized into different categories based on their uses. Here are the types of kitchen utensils:

Cutting Board: One of the most important kitchen essential tools needed in your kitchen is a good cutting board. The cutting board is used every time before you cook anything, for chopping vegetables, fruits, nuts, and many more. So it is important to choose a good design and durable cutting board.

Measuring Tools: Measuring tools such as measuring cups and measuring spoons are used for precisely measuring the volume of cooking ingredients that is any form such as a solid ingredient, or powder ingredient, and also measure the volume of liquid cooking ingredients. Set of measuring tools is available in different materials such as fiber, plastic, steel, wood, and unbreakable glass material, so you can choose according to your choice.

Vegetable Peeler: Vegetable peelers can really decrease the preparation time of food, and you can easily peel vegetables and fruits such as a carrot, potatoes, apples, and many more.

Potato Masher: Potato masher is a great tool and also saves time in preparation. Potato mashers come in different shapes and materials like plastic, stainless steel, etc.

Whisk: The whisker is one of the most used items in the kitchen to whisk the shake, juice, eggs, make desserts, and many more.

Choppers & Graters: Choppers & graters are kitchen essentials tool in your kitchen. Chopper & graters chop and grate the raw food according to your need. They come in different types, shapes, colors and more, you can choose according to your need.

Knife Sets: A kitchen knife set, one of the most important kitchen accessories in the kitchen. Kitchen knives are used in various tasks like chopping and peeling vegetables and fruits, cutting and serving foods, slicing delicate food items such as pastry, and dessert and more.

Spatula: A Spatula is a small cooking tool it has a flat, wide, flexible blade that s used for spreading, turning, and mixing, also the high–quality spatula is available that resists the heat up to 600 Fahrenheit and will not melt if you leave it against your pan and pot.

Spoons: Spoons come in a variety of sizes, forms, and styles, as well as a variety of materials, to ensure that they do their job as well as possible. Based on the purpose of use kitchen spoons can be divided into 3 main types of spoons: spoons for eating and spoons for cooking and spoons for other purposes. Some example of different types of spoons are: Bouillon, Caviar, Chinese, Dinner, Demitasse, Dessert, French Sauce, Grapefruit, Japanese Soup, Seasoning, Chutney, Ladle, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Souvenir and more spoons.

Tongs: It is a small and very convenient tool for every kitchen because it makes work faster for easily flipping vegetables, chapattis, meats, and much more. You can use or operate tongs with only one hand, and inexpensive in nature.

Oven Mitts: Oven mitts are used for protecting your hands against burning when you transfer hot food to another pan or oven. No longer time you have for wrapping your hand in a simple towel and not trying to spill your dish as you pull it out one–handed.

Blender & Mixer Grinder: Blender and Mixer & grinders are essential electric kitchen accessories those are used basically to crush, mix, liquefy or emulsify foods. There are many types, sizes, and varieties of blenders and mixers & gringers depending on what type of food you want to be crushed. Blenders, mixers and grinders are usually used for making puree, milkshakes, cocktails, smoothies, Frappuccino, grinding coarse spices, dissolving solids, crushing foods, making sauces and more. Few advantages of a blender include 1) shortening the food-making process by half when compared with a food processor, and 2) the ability to prepare a wide range of foods and beverages that could be made including smoothies, purees, cocktails, and more.

Kitchen Storage Containers: Good quality food storage containers are a kitchen essential for bringing lunch, and dinner to work and storing cooked meals as well as uncooked meals, and raw ingredients in the refrigerator so they stay fresh for several days. Also, these storage containers are environmentally friendly glass so that you can use them in the oven, deep freezer, microwave, etc. The storage containers come with a locking lid, without a lid, and a wide range of sizes, patterns, and colors but generally, it’s come with a set of containers, also inexpensive in terms of budget.

Aluminum Foil: Aluminum foil paper can be used in the kitchen for different purposes such as cleaning, scrubbing, lifting, steaming, and protecting, and also this is foil paper is a versatile kitchen essential.

Sponges: Sponge is used for cleaning the utensil, cleaning the platform, cleaning the sink, etc. but nowadays scotch brite’s mostly used for all these purposes and it is very affordable.

Dish Rack: Even if you have a dishwasher you still need to hand wash some utensils or sometimes you give a quick rinse spatula or dish like cookware.  Quality dish racks are needed because you can place your dishes on this rack and it drains the water back into the sink.

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